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Good morning! I just finished my daily time with My Healer. I’m working through Jesus Calling and The Chosen’s season one devotion book. As I do my devotion each day, Jesus and those who wrote about Him in the Gospels come to me in a different light after

Jesus Calling Devo Book
This book feels like God is speaking right to me!

watching The Chosen. This TV show has changed my faith, outlook and helped me realize who Jesus really was/is. The way I view my Lord now has a whole new meaning.

The Chosen’s devotion for today, titled ‘Clean’, is based on Luke 5:12 when Jesus heals the leper.

The leper comes close to Jesus and says “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”

Jesus stretched out His hand and touched him saying “I will; be clean.”

This gives me so much hope. Jesus is the Great Healer, the Miracle Worker. He can heal this broken, boiled, damaged body of mine!

Along the way, I want to journey with you, Dear Reader. I want you to know the healing power of my Lord. If you are reading this, you are probably on a healing journey yourself. Maybe you feel downtrodden, unfixable, an outcast, think that no one cares about you because doctors keep telling you that you are beyond repair or too complicated or just plain don’t believe you are experiencing the symptoms your body is pressing upon you.

Through this blog, my God has asked me to be vulnerable with you – to show you the depths of my physical pain, my despair, frustration with the medical community and very personal, TMI details of my life.

In my Jesus Calling devotion today, my Lord is called the Light of the World. He has called me to be His Light – bearer, to shine through me, making Him visible to people around me. He has asked me to joyfully trust Him for He will never leave my side. The Light of His Presence is shining upon me asking me to brighten up this world by reflecting who He is.

He has said “The Lord is in the Spirit and where the Lord is, there is freedom.” (2 Corth 3:17) Let me tell you, I want freedom! Freedom from this body that betrays me and won’t let me do the things I want to do. Freedom from pain and suffering, doctor’s appointments, injections, ablations, surgeries, pain meds and laying down to rest often through out the day. Freedom from anxiety that this pain brings. Freedom from the anxiety that I can’t please people anymore with my actions since I can’t keep up with people’s expectations.

The best part of the leper story is not just the healing, its that Jesus TOUCHED him. This diseased outcast who no one wanted anymore, who was trapped in his own body that was betraying him. ‘Jesus bent low and touched a man who no one had been willing to touch for a very long time.’ He is willing to do that to us – the ones who doctors don’t know what to do with, who are sent from specialist to specialist, who experience quiet suffering and are ashamed at what their body has done to them.

As Jesus says: ‘I AM who I AM”. He is all the names I have used to describe Him above. Check out The Chosen and experience the faith of the leper, the kindness of our Creator and the love He has for us.

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