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Here’s me – Well, Kinda

We took family pictures yesterday. Yes, stressful is the word. I spent two months curating clothes for us to wear. We’ve done a lot of blues in the past so I wanted to do something different. I always start with what I’m going to wear and build off that for The Hubs and the boys.

I either wanted emerald green or blush pink for my dress. I ordered eight dresses off Nordstrom Rack that fit the bill. I’ve gained about 13 lbs since this time last year because of the two back surgeries. So, I had to go up in my regular size – read, not happy! (I’ll talk about that in a later post.) After the eight dresses arrived, I narrowed it down to four, two pink and two green. I had 45 days to return all the dresses but one because I wasn’t going to pay for all those dresses! I couldn’t decide what color I wanted to build the color scheme off of. After going back and forth right up to 40 days, I finally chose green.

Green really brings out my eyes and I loved the cut of the dress. Now, to find the boys and The Hubs clothes to match. Did you know there are not very many nice dress shirts for boys in green? Well, it was hard. I found a shirt for my little one, Asa, first with a plaid that had green, pink and blue and paired it with blue dress pants. I found a shirt for my oldest, Cort, which had a little bit of orange in the plaid and a juniper green strip of which I was trying to find pants of the same color. The Hubs knew what the color scheme was and was supposed to be going through his shirts and pants to find an outfit. I wanted him to wear his green dress slacks, if he could still fit in to them. He pulled a striped shirt to go with it.

Last weekend, we hung all four outfits on the big closet door – and it didn’t look good. The orange in Cort’s shirt threw the whole thing off! I was beside myself. I had spent weeks looking for these clothes with green in them! Plus, all the boys wearing stripes was too busy. I now had a few days to find a shirt for Cort to fit our color scheme.

I went to the mall on Tuesday after physical therapy toting my dress and Asa’s plaid shirt. Thank the Lord, I found a gorgeous pink shirt for Cort in the second store I went in. He looks awesome in pink. I’ve dressed him in pink for years because it looks so good with his skin and eyes. I paired that with dark blue slacks.

On Tuesday evening, just as we were calling the boys in for baths we heard Asa crying. Like really crying. The Hubs and I started down to the barn and saw blood pouring off his head covering his hands and shirt. Cort was hysterical and we could not understand a word either said. I pulled Asa’s shirt off to press on his head to stop the bleeding. I realized my dreams of an early bedtime were out the window.

“Stitches?” The Hubs asked as he pulled the shirt off Asa’s head to look.

“Yep,” I nodded and sighed. I looked back and forth to both boys. “What happened? How did this happen?’

Cort, crying and barely able to get words out said, “Will it make you happy if I tell you what happened?”

“Yes, I need you to tell me what happened. I need the truth. I’m not going to be mad. I just need to know what happened. I will be mad if you lie to me.” I said the last part with a stern look.

Between the both of them, I finally got the story. Cort accidently hit Asa in the head with a golf club. Cort thought he was far enough away, but, nope, it was a nice clean slice, just like the turf on a golf course. No knot or bruise. Just a slight semi-circle slice about one inch past his hair line.

We all loaded up in the SUV and headed to the ER since all the urgent cares in our area closed five minutes after it happened. After three staples we finally arrived home at 11 PM and got them in bed at 11:30. So much for an early night in bed…

But I am thankful that the slice was in his hair, not his forehead. For the pictures sake.

We arrived a bit early yesterday for the pictures. I use JC Penny’s portrait studio and love them. I get the digital album and make my own prints. I’ve been using the studio since Cort was a baby. I got burned both times using a private photographer on the boys’ newborn pictures. I’m not taking the time to vet a new photog and pay astronomical prices. Especially, when I can get all my prints, sitting fee etc with my coupon for $80. Mama, for the win on that one!

It seems like the boys all of a sudden get a silly bone in every part of their body when we walk in to the studio. They were extra goofy and it was work to get some good pictures. We had to do retakes because they kept blinking in the best shots. But we finally got enough good ones to repopulate the frames in the house for another year. Cort looks so mature in his photos. They’re just growing up. Another photo session in the books and a

happy mama too. See our outfits did turn out ok!

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